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Skills Sets Clusters

Please note that we produce several of our resources as Skills Sets Clusters, either as resources for our RTO or for other RTOs. If you have a need for a special product, we can

Note that upgrades of units to meet Version 4 of HLT07 Health Training Package is in progress. This will be in the order of most in demand units first and is planned for completion for first semester 2012. We are dancing as hard as we can, but the tune keeps changing and we have BSB07 on the drawing board too!



New Products:

Bolt-ons designed to plug gaps in critical evidence and workshop resources for Prioritising Patients now have their own page here.

General Skills Sets:


Implementing Innovative Work Practices for Units:

SIRXQUA002A Lead a team to foster innovation
BSBINN501A  Establish systems that support innovation



No sample currently available. Contact us for further information.



Managing Community Engagement for Units:

PSPCOM502A Develop and implement community engagement strategies

PSMCOM503A Build and maintain community relationships



Clinical Coding

A Learner Guide to introduce and support the following cluster of units:

HLTCC301B  Produce coded clinical data

HLTCC401B  Undertake complex clinical coding (HLTCC301B is pre-requisite)

HLTCC402B  Complete highly complex clinical coding (HLTCC401B is pre-requisite)

Note that assessment manuals are not currently available for this resource but links are provided to the WHO online course, and to free apps and documents, to develop basic skills in following and using Coding Standards.

Trainers with a clinical coding background will need to develop practical exercises in using ICD-10-AM standards to provide clinical codes from sample case histories.

Participants must also have an advanced knowledge of Medical Terminology to undertake Clinical Coding units.


No sample currently available. Contact us for further information




Last updated; Sept 30, 2012


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