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Training Resources for Licence

All resources come with full assessment manuals which meets the principles of assessment and comply with the rules of evidence.

They are true competency based training and assessment tools. They lead to the demonstration of actual work tasks and confirmation of understanding of concepts. For example: a student will develop an operational plan, not write a report on 'how they might do this'.

All assessments include suitable problem solving, information management and reseach tasks relevant to the AQF level for the unit.

While many of the resources are for clusters, rather than individual Units, selecting assessments for students undertaking only specific Units is easy. We provide matrices to check which tasks relate to a Unit. By using a highlighter on the assessment manual for individual students (or providing a custom trianing plan for each student using the resource), you can ensure that only the selected tasks are completed.

Marking guides are included for each assessment manual, as are electronic templates so that you can make adjustments to the assessment tools (in line with the permissions in the licence agreement). This template can also be provided to students so they can complete the work using a word processor and either send you a printed copy or a text via email for electronic marking and sign off. Receiving student work electronically also saves time and money in mailing work back and forth. It also enables you to save the marked work to a CD which replaces bulky printed documents in a student file.

In some instances there are PowerPoint presentations available to supplement the resources which can be used to support both classroom and distance delivery.

Our resources have been industry validated and are updated regularly to keep abreast with industry standards. As a license holder, you are welcome to become part of our professional validation team by supplying us with feedback, comments, corrections and suggested revisions.

All resources are also contextualised for the industry. For example: the resource for BSBCMN204A is different for general business and the health industry, using industry specific examples, case studies and work roles. This eliminates the problem of 'putting a square peg into round hole' which trainers face with most off-the-shelf resources.

We currently have selected resources available for two industries:

Generic resources for other industries will be added as they are developed, particularly for Workplace Health and Safety Units.

What you get when you take out a product licence:

The Medical Terminology module also comes with a dictation cassette tape. Replacements for your master copy can be resupplied, since the original will wear out over time. There is no additional charge for these replacements, though you are welcome to make a back-up copy of your master tape to avoid any delays caused by having to ask us to provide you with a new one.

Training Resources for Class Set Purchase

Smaller RTOs who do not have the capacity to support a licence agreement may now purchase class sets as they need them.

These resources will be provided ready punched for the RTO to insert into their own folders and may substitute their own covers. The resources provided will have all the features of the licenced product.

A three week lead time should be allowed for the purchase, although extra copies may be ordered as required for late enrolments. This time is required because Australia Post does not always deliver and we have had instances of three weeks or more delay between postage and delivery.

The initial order of a class set will require the purchase of a trainer copy which includes the marking guide.

Please contact us directly for price schedules.


Last updated; February 5, 2008


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