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General Books

This page lists the products we have available for use within a training class or by private individuals. Bulk orders may be placed and we welcome your enquiry about volume purchase arrangements.

Doing Business with the Universe 2nd. Ed.

Volume One: Business Development
Volume Two: Business Management

RRP: $60.95 per volume (incl. GST & p/h)

This is a set of workbooks that will take you step by step through establishing a microbusiness, and particularly a 'people business' in an enjoyable and readable way. It also incorporates the Universal Laws of Prosperity and Success and explores the personal blocks you may have to achieving your goals.

We have received many phone calls and emails from excited purchasers, all of whom say they learned more from the first 30 pages of Volume One than they did in expensive business courses or in many years in business!

Let this book be the one that liberates you from struggle and opens the door to your new future!

Creating Prosperity 2nd. Ed.

$20.30 inc. (GST and p/h)

This little book contains all the recipes for success and prosperity that 'The Secret' left out. The full set of Universal Laws is revealed here for you to activate and use, not just the Law of Attraction.

One of our purchasers rang up to say that in two weeks this book had taken him from near bankruptcy to a position of abundance, including being able to purchase a new car. Other excited readers report similar success stories.

Why settle for second best when the achievable is well within your reach?


Power Partners

$36.80 ( inc. GST and p/h)

This is a common sense guide to making business strategic alliances and networking work for your business. It incorporates the Universal Laws and shows you how to change the energy of a relationship to a positive basis to ensure that you are all 'on the same wavelength.


Death is Not Your Enemy

$38.00 (inc. GST and p/h)

The concept of death is woven about with fears, myths and superstitions, but none of them come close to describing what lies beyond a frontier that is not final, merely the next stage of our soul's development.

If you are facing the loss , or worrying about your 'hereafter', there is much comfort for you in the pages of this book of practical wisdom written by someone who has inherited the power to 'see beyond'.


Last updated; January 3, 2008


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