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General and personal development books :

This range of publications began with the writing of Letters to the Universe in 1995 this is planned for revision sometime when I have a few spare weeks. The best selling Doing Business with the Universe followed in 1997 and went to a second edition in 2000. A third edition is being planned, together with a parallel book for mainstream business.

All books may be ordered as single copies by downloading the order form. This document is designed to be completed using your computer and can be emailed to us when complete. We recommend that you save a copy to your computer in a place you can find easily later on so that you have a copy for your records.

Please refer to this page for additional comments about ordering from us.

Training resources for Business Services and Health:

Our training resources are fully developed in Unit clusters which minimise the incidence of repetition which are inherent in the content of nationally recognised Units of Competency. They are designed to deliver the whole standard, not just the element level inclusive of applicable range statements for the context, the underpinning knowledge and skills and employability skills.

These resources are 'ready to go' complete with Learner Guides, Assessment Manuals, Marking Guides for Trainers

Due to the number of RTOs who have abused both our licensing conditions and blatantly disregarded copyright, we no longer licence products for in-house reproduction, except to long standing customers with good track records.

We do, however provide individual copies and class sets on a 'just-in-time' basis and these can be provided in your custom covers if you provide us with the artwork.

We prepare all orders within a a short time frame, where feasible, unless we notify our customers of delays due to unexpected circumstances. Very large orders may take up to a week, due to the time required to bind copies.

All orders are sent by Express Post, this being the cheapest and fastest freight to most regional centres.

We are currently trialling sales of our top-of-the-line TAE40110 resources and this product has received 'rave reviews' from the customer RTO. Be warned, this is not a product for '3 day wonder' providers but for the discerning RTO wanting to train to professional standards, to assess to the full standards and to provide 'skills sets' for professional development.

Please watch this site for more news on the general release of this product. Meanwhile, if you have an interest in considering this product, please contact us directly.

RTO products:

Our highly successful compliance product 'Jumping Through Hoops' has now been updated to meet the Standards for RTOs, 2015.. Auditors and RTOs have praised the parent product as producing the business standards and procedures to ensure that excellent outcomes are acheived.

Our consultancy clients have also been clamouring us to set out our highly successful instructional design methods in a workbook so that ordinary trainers can discover all that they missed in their training and assessment qualifications obtained through other RTOs.

This is not be a 'theory of' textbook but is as readable and enjoyable as our down to earth TAE40110 resources. Titled '15 Magic Words' this product is now available and will provide a means for trainers to develop from ordinary to extraordinary, and so improve the quality of their home grown

Two additional e-books on training facilitation and assessment practices are also now available.


Last updated; March 20, 2016


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