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Privacy and client confidentiality

All information provided to us by clients and prospective clients is held in complete commercial confidentiality. No information about you or your business is provided to a third party without your written consent, as required under privacy legislation.

The nature of our business is that we often service clients who are in direct competition with each other. It is a mark of our integrity that such businesses choose to use us, or even refer us to the other party, after we disclose the nature of our relationship with like businesses. However, in working with both parties, the commercial confidentiality of all parties is respected at all times.

Since establishing the consultancy in South Australia and then moving it to Queensland in 2000-2001, we have not had a single complaint based on a breach of commercial confidentiality.

Likewise, all information relating to our students and past students is also held in strict confidence. Information will only be release to a third party with their written consent unless we are legally required or bound to do so.

The intellectual rights of all materials provided to us by clients is respected and only used as stipulated for the client business unless written clearance has been used to share the information with third parties.

If we are required under law to provide another organisation with your details (for instance, if requested by the police or a court of law), we may be obliged to provide specific information normally considered protected under privacy and commercial confidentiality. Should this occur (and where allowed under law), you will be informed of any information passed on as well as the circumstances.

This policy does not limit or replace your rights under Queensland or federal legislation. If any disputes relating to privacy arise, all such complaints shall be heard in Queensland under legislation current for that jurisdiction.

Last updated; January 4, 2008


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