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This business began life in 1997 in a small cottage in a cow paddock in Bexhill, in the beautiful Northern Rivers,NSW with the writing and publishing of "Doing Business with the Universe". The world was contacted throug dial up Internet which was cut off whenever a cow pulled up the phone line!

A mail order letter sent to 100 schools of complementary medicine saw return sales of 80% of the initial contacts, and have now reached second, third and even fourth level of referrals.

Following requests to write a training program based on the books saw Amy and Henry documenting and accrediting the Certificate III in Holistic Business Practice with VETAB in 1998. The resource package was taken up by several RTOs and non-RTOs and still form the backbone of many of the resources written for HLT02 and now HLT07 (with updates in critical legislative and business practice elements).

A series of other books followed, all of which have been sold directly to the public or by request to booksellers. Then came the first of a growing list of quality training resources, many of which have been licensed to client RTOs who all comment favourably on their quality.

The next logical development is for e-learning resources, of which the TAA40104 is planned as the pilot project following positive feedback from students about the SEP generated resources.

Sea Eagle Training

Corporate clients purchasing 'Doing Business with the Universe' and 'Holistic Business Practice' soon realised that there was more to Sea Eagle Publications than a husband and wife writing team. With many years of management experience in vocational education and training, and direct training experience, requests were soon forthcoming for assistance with instructional design, accreditation applications and ultimately assistance with RTO registration.

While prior experience in South Australia saw VET consultancy services provided to a wide range of service, manufacturing and primary industries, the requests came primarily from the complementary health sector who were grappling with the mysteries of Training Packages and registration, completely unprepared for the world of bureacracy they had to deal with.

The next logical development is for e-learning resources, of which the TAE40110 has already provided the pilot project following positive feedback from students about the SEP generated resources. Some of the Diploma units have also been developed in e-learning version and a product for delivery of the whole qualifications is under way.

Giving up their respective complementary health practices, Amy and Henry (with a past life in the public service) began to service a number of clients. A move to the Gold Coast followed, and Sea Eagle Training was born. This was initially a consultancy, but became an RTO in its own right in 2002 in response to client calls for upskilling to meet the vocational competencies required to deliver Training Package qualifications. The RTO business has now been separated from the consultancy and operates as Healthy Business Training Academy (HBTA).

The training consultancy business is now on the back burner as Sea Eagle Publications, responsible for development and distribution of training related publications, has a growing demand that dictated a rationalisation of effort.

Henry John Boleszny is no longer able to participate fully in the business for health reasons, but his is the voice you hear when you call (nine times out of ten). He spends time every day on his own writing projects and providing Amy with much needed sage advice on business matters.

His passion is writing and computer games.

Amy Boleszny is an instructional designer and a seasoned writer with a past life as a freelance journalist as well as author of a range of published works.

She holds a B.A; a Dip. Ed; is a Chartered Librarian (UK) and has the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, the Diploma of VET and the Diploma of Training Design and Development. She also holds the Diploma of Practice Management, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Management, Diploma of Business Administration and the Diploma of Quality Auditing.

The next course of study will be the Diploma of Project Management, which she will begin in 2016 (maybe).

Not bad for someone born blonde!

She shares with Henry a passion for gizmos and 'toys' and her current major project is developing e-learning products.



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