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Thank you all for your patience. Last year was not a good one for me as every germ in the Black Swamp made me their target.

Thanks to the miracle of mind over matter I am now firing on all cylinders and determined to get my major projects up and running shortly.

Please come back and see my progress!


Achieving Excellence : Best Practice for Training Organisations

This product is fully compliant with Standards for RTOs 2015 and easily adaptable for any RTO. The basic package is one you customise yourself or we can do this for you if you need additional policies and procedures.

If you don't have effective policies and procedures, you have no:

No quality business ever operates without a set of policies and procedures. The manual will explain the 'why' and the model policies and procedures will give you a sound 'what'.

This system is the reason our RTO has been 100% compliant in all audits, including initial registration. We continuously audit it to make sure we stay that way.

This product is not just a set of templates that you fill in, but a complete set of model:

152 documents in all, for you to customise to your organisation.

They have been proven 'Best Practice' for the past ten years and which have guaranteed quality outcomes over ARF, and three AQTF versions.This product has been upgraded to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and has been internally audited against our RTO and ASQA audited for client RTOS.. This has proven the validity of our compliance and QA system.

The design of this product eliminates the need for constant rewrites and re-organisation, being aligned to the functional divisions of RTO business, not 'lock stepped' to standard numbering or in a 'solid state' single manual which requires total edits of the whole system just to insert a new document, policy or procedure.

RTO Management
Human Resources Management
Training and Assessment Systems
Student Services
Course Implementation
Occupational Health and Safety
AQTF Risk Management systems

A simple index file provides the link between the standards and the functions, making it easy for auditors and organisations to track evidence.

All documents are hyperlinked to a Master Document Index, allowing you to call up each and edit them. The manual recycles to meet shifting goal posts.

They are also designed to be either printed into a set of ring binders, or kept, as we do ours on an intranet. If the latter approach is used, then making a PDF file of current versions and supplying critical documents and forms to your staff on CD, USB or on a Drop Box, is also far cheaper than issuing new print manuals each time you edit the system.

The design also makes it simple to 'copy and paste' procedures into a separate document if required.



New audit templates: Can be separated into two documents: Summary of compliance with new auditing standards and risk register of total SRTO compliance.

Post-training survey: A questionnaire that mirrors the ASQA student survey and can be adapted for online use or Survey Monkey.


Cost: $1660 incl. GST and p/h

inclusive of CD with full set of resources

Includes new ASQA audit summary checklist!

The Risk Register and HR P&P have been updated to meet the revised Standards, July 2017/

Available now


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15 Magic Words: Practical and pragmatic instructional design for VET trainers

ASQA, has reported that almost 50% of RTOs are failing to meet the compliance standards because they do not know how to unpack a Unit of Competency or produce resources that assess the whole of a unit. This is a sad indictment of the standards of trainer training; with many trainers and assessors still possessing '3 day wonder' BSZ40198, and upgrading them with TAE qualifications which do not 'produce the goods'. If you feel your understanding of basic instructional design is wanting, or if you want to gain some innovative and fresh insights to save time and effort, then 15 Magic Words are definitely required for your vocabulary!

This e-book is designed for the novice and more experienced developer alike and contains all the 'tricks of the trade' that have earned us praise for the quality of our training resources and which see our RTO pass compliance first time, every times. These are the simple techniques we teach in our TAE40110 program and which sees even absolute beginners or NESB participants producing resources that are models of best practice.

This is a volume for pragmatists and takes you step-by-step from unpacking benchmarks through to designing assessments, training programs and resources through to self-evaluation of your work to ensure that you too can offer a quality product to your students.

Our students have commented that our TAE40110 resources, from which the core of this volume is taken, are extremely readable, and even enjoyable!

It is accompanied by a CD of templates for you to customise, adapt and use in your own design work.


Take yourself through this non-assessed short course in instructional design which will give you the leading edge at work or provide great portfolios for RPL!

$75.00 as e-book with template file

Thank you for waiting!

Now available: Sneak preview


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Making Magic Happen: Expanding your faciliation skills - New!

This book is designed for the novice and experienced trainer alike and contains much material not usually available 'all in one place' and is accompanied by a CD with additional resources that you can use to plan and deliver your sessions.

This is a volume for pragmatists, and judged by our own students as highly readable and enjoyable, with any theory explained in simple, everyday terms. It will take you through a review of learning theories, right through to developing learning resources, learner profiles and bringing about change management in the workplace and classroom through active learning sessions.

An extensive, but easy to apply, section shows the 'hands-on' application of learning styles and whole brain theory to engaging the learners for more satisfying results.

Whatever type of trainer you are, and whatever your preferred teaching style, there is plenty in this book to engage your own interest and provide pointers to improving your craft.

Forty years of my chalk face and coal face experience have gone into making this a reality.

$50.00 as e-book

Thank you for waiting!


Now available: Sneak preview

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The Magic Unfolds: It is all about outcomes- New!

This volume takes the trainer and assessor through the final stage of monitoring and evaluating success in making magic: developing assessment systems, validation of resources, assessing competence, reviewing assessment systems and training outcomes, the structure of VET and compliance obligations for trainers and assessors.

As with the other two volumes this is readable, enjoyable and full of real life anecdotes that show the good and the bad of our world.


$50.00 as e-book

Thank you for waiting!


Now available: Sneak preview


All three volumes provide the trainer resource manuals for HBTA's TAE40110 and the foundation for TAE50111 & TAE50211

They can also support TAE40116 and TAE50116 and TAE50216.


New to support TAE40116 Skills Sets.

The Magic of Assessment:

This volume supports the delivery of TAEASS401-403 plus TAEASS502 as an Assessor skills set. It can also be used as the foundation volume for TAEASS502 as a stand-lone PD unit to upskill assessors and the Advanced Assessor Skills Set..

As with the other volumes this is readable, enjoyable and full of real life anecdotes that show the good and the bad of our world.

$75.00 as e-book with a template file

Thank you for waiting!

Now available



Making Magic in the Workplace: The facilitator's guide

This volume supports the delivery of TAEDE301 plus TAEDEL404 or BSBCMM401 as Enterprise Trainer Skills Sets. It can also be used as the foundation volume for TAEASS502 as a stand-lone PD unit to upskill assessors.

As with the other volumes this is readable, enjoyable and full of real life anecdotes that show the good and the bad of our world.

$50.00 as e-book

Thank you for waiting!


Now available



Using Magic Wands: Helping the learner with LLN Issues


This supports TAELLN411 plus provides the foundation for TAELLN501.

$25.00 as e-book

Thank you for waiting!


Now available


Wait for it!

The entire suite of resources to support TAE40116, TAE50116 and TAE50216 (Plus Skills Sets) has been prepared. and is awaiting the outcome of HBTA's application for addition to scope before being finalised and released for publication.

The programs are developed as Interactive Learning (on CD, UDB) or can be printed out (mono or colour).

For a wee taste of what they are like (from the Diploma Study Guide): click here

The programs consist of:


Interactive Study Guide

Assessment Manual

Assessment templates

Flipped Learning Guide (for workshop students)

Trainer workshop manual (full session guides)

Marking guides

Assessment matrices fully mapped.

The Advanced Assessor Skills Set will be available in the next three months.

An update of the two e-learning units from the Diplomas will be upgraded from TAE10 shortly after. The TAE10 versions are already in Interactive Learning Mode.

All of the above are professional level Trainer and Assessor Trainer:


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Last updated; July 9 2017


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